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monument avenue

Monument Avenue Richmond VA Real Estate, Monument Avenue Richmond area and Community Information

Monument Avenue is the only avenue in America designated as a National Historic Landmark. In 2007 it was also designated as One of Ten Great Streets in America by the American Planning Association. A renowned example of urban design, Monument Avenue is a parade of distinctive homes, churches and statues that are unified by its landscaping and scale. Richmond, Virginia is proud to be home to this avenue, which is one of the most beautiful streets in America. It is lined with trees up and down the boulevard, and the center of the street with its lush green lawns in the middle of the city is often an oasis to neighbors, runners, and visitors. The avenue is filled with a variety of architecture, which ranges from English Tudor, to Georgian, to Beaux Arts and Italianate, and is as diverse as its residents. The streets that are lined with homes, churches and apartment buildings provide a European feel. The historic monuments that call the boulevard home represent a taste of Virginia’s History. Monument Avenue is alive with enthusiasm – it’s a neighborhood of congenial residents who socialize with one another, and participate in all types of neighborhood projects, such as the Easter Parade, the Marathon, and the 10K Run. East of the Boulevard, Monument Avenue is situated in the Richmond’s Historic Fan District – one of Richmond’s most unique neighborhoods. It is walking distance from the Virginia Museum, the Science Museum and the Children’s Museum. There are many gourmet restaurants, parochial and city schools, and interstate travel just minutes away.


The history of Monument Avenue and of Richmond tells of unique tales woven into a rich tapestry and memorialized in the Monument Avenue landscape. The Monument Avenue Historic District is notable for being one of the only two national landmarks in the entire city of Richmond. Richmond itself possesses a varied history, and Monument Avenue serves as a testament to that history with its numerous monuments, after which the avenue was named. This avenue is the only one in the nation that has so many original monuments that have survived into the modern day.

Parks and Recreation

Monument Avenue Richmond properties are located near numerous of the county’s parks. The avenue itself is oftentimes called “America’s most beautiful boulevard.” It exhibits a park-like ambiance within its nature of monument-lined streets. However, there are plenty of traditional parks as well that people who invest in real estate in Monument Avenue Richmond can enjoy. The parks in the area feature commodities like basketball courts, tennis courts, walking tracks, shuffleboard courts, swimming pools and other public amenities.

Attractions and Activities

Homes for sale in Monument Avenue Richmond are located on one of the most attractive strips in the entire city of Richmond. Some of the most popular monuments along Monument Avenue include the Robert E. Lee monument, the J.E.B. Stuart monument, the Jefferson Davis monument, the Stonewall Jackson monument and the Matthew Fontaine Maury monument.


The Monument Avenue Richmond home buyer who is interested in participating in community events won’t be disappointed with the numerous events that take place along the avenue every year. Some of the most popular events that take place along the avenue each year include the Monument Avenue 10K Race and the Easter Parade. The avenue also hosts numerous other races, charity functions and parades.

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